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zombie movie film parkour




Core Team Member Action items


2. Make sure you haven't just LIKED us on Facebook-- but that you've set us to "See First"-- otherwise those pesky robots won't let you see all our awesome posts. It's all explained in this quick 30 second video.

(est. time to complete: 30 seconds)


3. Support Us On Thunderclap. All this does is allows Facebook to share the IndieGoGo annoucement on your timeline the day the campaign launches. 

(est. time to complete: 30 seconds)


1. Subscribe to our mailing list for the chance to win a FREE copy of the movie AND an official movie poster!

(est. time to complete: 30 seconds)


<--- FREE stuff in here

Go here --->

Watch me!


4. Invite Your Friends to LIKE ZOMBIE PARKOUR on Facebook. Invite all your friends to like the ZOMBIE PARKOUR Facebook Page. We'll walk you through the 30 second ordeal in this video.

(est. time to complete: 1 minute)


5. LIKE and SHARE every Zombie Parkour social FB Post for the duration of the campaign. Remember, it's not enough that you are seeing our posts FIRST in your newsfeed but that you are LIKING and SHARING each and every one as you periodically check your Facebook throughout the day.


Additionally you should be adding a few words to each share-- rather than just sharing it with one click. Never be "salesy" though. Something like "Watch out!!!" or "Warning: Starving Artists Need Your Help" or "Anyoe Here like Zombies?!" or something as simple as "#zombie" or "#parkour" is fine. 

(est. time to complete: 30 seconds per post = 3-5 minutes each day of campaign.)


6. Build your PAD List and Upload it to GOOGLE DRIVE: This may very well be the most important task of all. It's essentially gathering all your contacts into one place and sorting them according to how well you know them. The following videos explain it all.

(est. time to complete: 30 minutes - 1 hour; varies)


7. Download ZOMBIE PARKOUR Social Media Profile/Cover Photos and Use for your profiles for the duration of the Campaign. 


(est. time to complete: 2-3 minutes)


8. 30/20's: Each day of the first 10 days of the campaign you are going to email 3 of your closest friends/family with a personalized message asking them if they could support the campaign AND forward the message to 20 of THEIR closest friends/family. Hence 30/20's.

(est. time to complete: 5 minutes per first 10 days of the campaign)


9. Final Week Facebook Messages: For the final week of the campaign you will essentially be sending a private Facebook message to everyone on your friend list and ask them to SHARE the campaign so we can hit our goal. Don't ask for MONEY, just a share. People who gave might give more/share, people who didn't give might and some people will be totally unaware that the campaign was happening and will be waiting to donate.

(est. time to complete: 10-15 minutes per day of the final week of campaign)


10. Morning Campaign Email Updates...

You'll be getting an email every morning of the campaign spelling out any special tasks to do for the day so there's no room for confusion. 

There will also be message and email templates in each morning email for you to start off with if the day's tasks include messaging and/or emailing people.

(est. time to complete: varies)