Ever since the ORIGINAL Zombie Parkour short film, MOVE OR DIE!, premiered on YouTube over 5 years ago millions of people have seen it and salivated for more. Starring Parkour sensation Jesse La Flair the film has been viewed over 8 million times on YouTube and sparked a flurry of imitation Zombie/Parkour hybrid videos-- none of which could live up to the original MOVE OR DIE!

Last summer director and ZP creator Marco Antonio Aguilar appeased fans by releasing the 2nd Zombie Parkour short film, THE LORN. Complete with parkour, sword-fighting and fire juggling, this short furthers the story of the Zombie Parkour Universe.

Zombie Parkour Web Comic

And now in 2017 comes the website and the EXCLUSIVE ZP Web Comic! You can check out our current issues and keep your eyes peeled for new ones throughout the year!

The Zombie Parkour Universe is alive and well and so make sure and subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and subscribe to us on YouTube to be sure you don't miss a thing.

It's been a long, gruesome journey so far... and we're only getting started here at Zombie Parkour.


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